Personal Project: Food Circles

Since becoming freelance in 2015, I have had little time to work on some of my personal projects. Just some time to try something new, work with a different set of people or using some fancy lighting techniques.

So since getting married, I have had some time to myself to develop and plan some new projects; the first one being with food stylist and recipe writer Megan Davies.


The theme was based around circular compositions where the eye could follow a moving story through the image. We focused on simple circular propping and natural daylight, in this case some hard winter sun which we took advantage of! Below are some of our favourite compositions and props from the day.


Which picture do you prefer from below, sunlight or no sunlight?


Look out for this Honey Roasted Pear recipe in a beautiful food and interiors magazine soon, keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram!


A classic 'here's how it's done' photo for you - and of course Paddy my pooch waiting for breakfast! 

IMG_7113 2.JPG

You can see more pictures from the project on our Instagram pages and some 'behind the scenes' pictures on a brand new page dedicated to the pictures you love the most!